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Check out some of the reviews I've recieved from clients recently!


Employment Rights Group

Our small law firm has used BQV for over 10 years. Brian is wonderful and always willing to
help solve our computer issues day or night. He also provides great advice and tips on
equipment, website platforms, etc. We are very pleased with his services.

Tom Q - North HIlls

Brian was punctual and very professional. Great job fixing my issues with my computer and
getting my wi-fi system to be faster throughout the house. Highly recommend him. Great
care and service.

Delia J. - Pittsburgh

Excellent. The young man was here for 1 1/2 hours, his minimum for house calls. He removed the 
virus including additional potential threats in less time than anticipated, with enough time left to help my 
husband who was experiencing some computer issues of his own. I will definitely use his services again.

John M. - Pittsburgh

Brian was very punctual and professional. He is true to his word that he will take his time and figure out the problem before he leaves your home. He was very good at explaining what he was doing with the computer and what my options were once the problem was figured out. He gave very sound advice and good recommendations for security software as well. He will definitely be my go to guy for any future tech issues.

Marshall K. - Pittsburgh

I had a software problem on my Windows 10 computer. I searched Angie's List for someone appropriate to help me who had a good rating and was within a close driving distance. I then left a voicemail on BQV's phone. In less than 2 hours Brian returned my phone call. I've been a professional computer programmer for over 30 years but Windows is not my specialty. I described my computer's problem, along with my theory about what might be the cause of my problem. Brian spent about 15 minutes on the phone, educating me about possible methods of attacking my Windows problem. This guy is smart! His advice was excellent. He didn't charge me for his help, even after I offered to pay. I definitely would use Brian again for any software or hardware problem that might affect my Windows PC in the future. By the way, note that BQV's website is HTTPS, not HTTP. The "S" stands for "secure". HTTPS is a strong indication of a sophisticated and safe website. Like I said earlier, this guy is smart!

David G. - Pittsburgh

Brian responded promptly by email, phone and in-person.  He was easy to work with, friendly, technically competent, and communicated clearly.  The problems were completely resolved.  He put some extra effort into helping the computer work more efficiently in ways that made it more user-friendly.  He is a pleasure to work with!

Ben W. - Sq HIll

Brian was great! When one of our desktops would not boot properly, I call him based on his Angie's List reports. He called back in a matter of minutes and set up an appointment two days hence. He got hung up a few minutes at a previous appointment, but was very apologetic and stayed in good contact. As it was, he was only a few minutes late, and quickly looked at and diagnosed the machine. He installed a new solid-state hard drive, and we were back up and running in a couple of hours. Based on his work on that machine, I had him come back to work on my other desktop that had slowed quite a bit over time and was getting very frustrating to use. The hard drive was pretty full, so he cloned it and replaced it with a new, larger, solid-state drive. He was done quickly, and the machine might even be running faster than when it was brand new! Brian returns calls quickly, is very easy to work with, extremely competent and very professional. I am very glad that I found him and was able to use his services.

Brian H. - Mt. Lebanon

Brian was very professional, returning my email almost immediately. He came to the house and evaluated the problems, and was able to install the new network on that same day. His installation was very clean and efficient, and I would recommend his work to others.

Brian installed a MOCA network in our large house, to add wifi access points throughout the house, so that one wifi name and password now covers the entire house, with very fast speeds.

Jim A. - Oakmont

Long review but worth the read! THANKS Jim A.!

Upgraded our wireless router and installed two new access points. Upgraded some internet access equipment. Installed new anti-virus software on two computers. Installed remote access software on two computers and a tablet. Cleaned-up extraneous Outlook add-ins. Evaluated main computer for program processing speed and backup procedures. Researched and ordered memory upgrade kit for main computer (to be installed when it arrives). Upgraded some ethernet switches. Shut down old network servers that I moved into my house from my old office. He also cleaned up some connectivity issues created by various service providers (Comcast, DirectTV, prior IT service) by standardizing IP address and DNS identity items.

Brian showed up right on time. I was encouraged to see him driving a utility van as a sign that he was coming prepared for almost anything. As it turned out, Brian had everything in-hand to complete my job except for the memory kit (which he ordered while he was here). I described what my immediate concerns were and Brian evaluated my equipment, my wireless and internet connections and the CAT5 cable network that I have in my home. As some background, I am "semi-retired" and when I sold my building and paid off my equipment leases I moved most of the equipment that I had used in my business into my home and networked everything together. Thus I was still running an email server, a web-server and a local server because I was not sure what was safe to eliminate. Brian took care of that, streamlined my IT setup and turned off any unnecessary equipment. I am fairly knowledgeable about business computer and network systems and when I saw that Brian really knows his stuff our conversation ranged far beyond what I had anticipated (he even got most of my "IT guy" jokes). I consider him a "consultant" in the true sense of the word - he listens, he questions, he evaluates and he provides practical solutions. He never suggested any solution without going through the cost issues. As a result, I have a much improved system at a very reasonable price. It just so happens that my wife's company, which is located in Boston, was doing a remote upgrade to her computer software while Brian was here and their IT manager commented on how impressed she was with the wireless system that Brian had installed. I happen to think that unsolicited praise is the best reflection on any business, so I offer my wife's IT manager's comments for what they are worth. One final comment, after streamlining my set-up Brian suggested that I was probably overpaying Comcast for my internet connectivity and that I should contact them regarding some price reduction. I have done so, and it looks like my savings with Comcast will more that offset Brian's very reasonable labor fee.

Michele P. - Bellevue

Brian set up new desktop PC, set up second monitor, installed external backup and virus protection, transfer data old PC to new, install MS Office on new, repair old PC (new hard drive and DVD), set up connections to wireless network. Brian was punctual and professional, and he came well equipped to diagnose the problem and do the job.  I needed a part for the second monitor connection (which he ordered while he was here), so there were two visits.  The data transfer was certainly the easiest, fastest and most problem-free transfer I've ever had.

I found him to be experienced and well-educated.  He was very helpful and quite willing to discuss available options.  I feel that his prices are fair for this level of technical service - it would have been great to get in on a Big Deal, though.

I will most certainly use Brian again should the need arise.

Dwight M. - Upper St. Clair

Purchased computer (Lenovo T440S) set up and delivery from Brian. From time of order to completion was only a couple days! I am very pleased and Brain will be an excellent technical resource in the future. Very easy to work worth! I am so glad I found him! Brian transferred data from old computer and helped my with my Quicken program! Excellent service!

Jill C. - Monroeville

Brian transferred data from old pc to new pc. Added new memory and hard drive to new pc. Cleaned hard drive of bad sectors. Added one time virus protection.

Brian came right on time. Very professional, explained everything in detail. Gave advice, when asked. Had all the upgrade parts in his van, so I didn't have to wait longer for it get to fixed. I appreciated that I didn't have to disconnect my pc to take it somewhere else. I am very pleased with the service I received from Brian. I have already recommended him to friends looking for pc service. 

Marvin G. - Squirrel Hill

My hard drive crashed. He attempted to resurrect it but it was too far gone. He provided good advice and direction while providing many alternatives.

He was prompt, very curteous, and extremely knowledgeable. He helped me move forward - I bought a new computer (the old one was over 5 years old). I plan to use him in the future.

The Healey Company, South Side

We are a rapidly growing business that is simultaneously adding computer systems and updating existing IT infrastructure. Early last year, following a four month search for an IT professional, we interviewed Brian, owner of BQV Consulting. What sets Brian apart from his competitors is he always has a plan in mind. Immediately we had both short and long term goals for updating our outdated systems. Not only does he create a plan, but when a problem does arise, he is immediately responsive and more than capable of troubleshooting every issue we have needed. No matter what problem comes up it is repaired, replaced, or retrievedwithin the hour. In business, where productivity drives profits, he has been an invaluable asset to our company.

Carol and Richard S. in Mt. Lebanon

Brian spent 6 1/2 hours with us transferring data & files from one computer to another, trouble shooting various issues, installing two new hard drives and a network switch, setting us up with Carbonite and new anti-virus protection & networking the computers.

Brian was wonderful to work with. We had many issues that we had been dealing with for a long time and Brian was able to sort everything out and make us comfortable. I will definitely use Brian in the future. If there was an A+ in the categories, I would certainly have give him an A+ in all of the ratings.

Ken from Value Capture LLC

Our small firm needed to get on a common calendar and email platform, and also wanted to find outside support for all our computer questions that would be highly skilled AND cost efficient. We found Brian / BQV through Angie's list, had him advise us on which platform would fit our needs best, convert us, and make sure the implementation went smoothly. We have also continued to consult with him on other computer issues. 

Brian has really delivered.  He's been quick to respond from the beginning, knowledgeable, and a clear, efficient communicator.  Very straightforward and time efficient to do business with.  The hosted Exchange platform he established for us has been a great positive to our work, and he's been there to deal with follow up questions, as well as other computing questions, from hardware to software. Another thing I've appreciated about Brian is that if you touch on an area where he's not as knowledgeable, he'll tell you.  I can definitely recommend Brian to other businesses with needs like ours.

Dr. Jay Hurley in South Hills

Brian fixed our main computer, set us up with a website/email address, installed a network printer, and other misc computer stuff. Brian is OUTSTANDING!!! I was in a jam at our office (main computer down--not good!), and our previous IT guy of 5 years was no longer available. I searched Angie's list and thought I'd give Brian a try. WOW..He returned my call within an hour and was at our office the next day by noon. He corrected the problem within a short period of time, and we were back in business. I called him again a few weeks later to pick his brain regarding the sending and receiving of x-rays via email. My expectation was that Brian would offer some guidance. Instead, he exceeded my expectations by coming to the office and by setting up a website for the business, providing us an e-mail system that enabled the transmission of x-rays in an efficient, user-friendly manner.

Pat G.

I am very satisfied with the quality of BQV Consulting's work, feel that I have gotten my money's worth and that the working experience was positive and pleasant. Of the three computer consultants I have used, BQV Consulting is the one I would use again and recommend to others. Brian Valen called promptly to schedule the initial appointment, discuss the services I thought I required, along with the extra cost for working on a second computer, and set up an appointment date and time range. The day of the appointment, he called to update me with regard to his schedule and arrived within the agreed upon range.

Kathy T.

Cleaned off a computer that is approx 5 years old and had never been serviced before. Brian is very knowledgable and professional. He spent some additional time troubleshooting some wired mess we had that was very confusing. Brian was flexible in his schedule, punctual and polite. He provided the service (and then some) for the promised price. Brian wants you to be a happy customer and it shows.

Tom H.

We found Brian through a special for Angie's List customers. He offered a 50% discount for services. We did not have any major problems with our computer, but wanted some things fixed and hidden viruses identified. Brian downloaded updated malware software and did a quick scan of our hard drive for viruses. He identified and removed several viruses that were not detected by our security software. He answered questions involving our wi-fi connection, backing up data, and controlling viruses in the future. He explained how to do some of the functions we were not familiar with and then started a full scan of our hard drive before he left. The full scan took about 2 1/2 hours.

Meryl B.

Brian fixed my son's lap top which had almost completely stopped working. Brian returned my call within a day and was able to pick up the lap top the same day. He took 3 days to completely wipe and rebuild the programs on the hard drive, it turned out that it was so full of spyware and adware that it had stopped working. Brian was very efficient and professional. I would absolutely use his services again.

Kathleen H

Brian took the time to listen to our questions and concerns and then explained the answers in a way we could understand. He did a really good job of speeding up and cleaning up everything for both users on our laptop. We would definitely call on him again for our computer needs.

Helen T.

I was unable to type the letter "n" in any emails! My computer savy friends were stumped. Brian admitted he had never heard of such a problem, but he had it fixed in 24 hours.

Marilyn A.

Brian cleaned up my computer--diagnosed that I needed a new battery (didn't even know the tower had one --showed me a few shortcuts--and was done. Came a couple days later with the battery--always professional and suitably geeky as computer people should be!!! I called--he came within 2 days--did the work--ordered a battery and returned in a couple days to install it. Short--sweet--and well done!.

Karen S.

Brian Valen (BQV Consulting) made a "house call" after my computer completely crashed. He was able to save everything on my hard drive, but my old computer was done for. While I had the option to purchase a new PC from anywhere, I opted to buy directly from Brian, as he is able to sell business grade Dell PCs, and I got an entire new good quality system for not much more than I would have paid for a lesser quality system at a Big Box store. Brian set up the new system, transferred everything from my old drive to the new PC, installed a new external hard drive for automatic back-ups, and also installed some new software I wanted. He also took all of the old pc components to recycle.

William G.

I was home bound after surgery and needed my computer. It just died and would not start. Brian came out within 2 hours after I called, swapped out the old for a new power supply, sold me a better quality surge supresser and I was back in business.We discussed some issues I'm having with slow response time and Brian gave me some ideas for future consideration.

Virginia D.

Brian scheduled my appointment with in a very few days of my calling him. He arrived on time. Brian was very personable and professional. He completed the Clean Up and made some suggestions to further improve my computer's efficency. My computer is working much better now and I will definitely call Brian back the next time I experience technical difficulties.

Carol B. in Friendship

He put a WiFi connection into the house where I live for my tenants on the second and third floor. My tenant needed the connection for her work. He came immediately today, after him calling yesterday. He was on time and was able to use the existing cables. He was done quickly (within 2 hours.) I am very happy and so is my tenant. I would give him 5 stars for everything, and he couldn't do anything else to make me happier.

Roberta A.

Brian was professional and explained everything he was doing. He updated and synced all my Apple technologies and really got me straightened out with passwords, etc. Everything is functioning much more quickly and well after his 2 1/2-hour time. Brian responded immediately to my initial contact, and we found a mutually convenient date. He showed up on time, and was a good listener and problem solver. I appreciated, in particular, his willingness and ability to communicate effectively with a non-tech person such as myself. Excellent experience. Thanks Brian!

Paul D.

Brian thoroughly cleaned the computer of all viruses, Trojans, and malware. Installed new security software. Discussed safe computing with the computer's owner. Checked for other problems as I had asked such as ensuring the computer was updated with the latest MS patches, etc.... Brian provided quick, courteous service and resolved the problem with the first visit. He listened and kept me apprised of what he was doing. The details of what was done was provided in the invoice. First class all of the way.

Matt K.

My computer was badly infected with a virus and could not be repaired by typical DIY repair methods. I called Brian to discuss the situation with him, and he said he could look at it the very next day. I dropped it off at Brian's office in the morning on my way to work, and within a half hour he determined the best method to proceed was to back up all my files installed, and reformat the hard drive, reinstalling Windows and all related software. I picked up my computer from him on way way home the same day. Everything works smoothly on my system now and no files/data were lost in the process.

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